Debby has so many gifts – but foremost inspiring others

Debby-MaryLike a whirlwind she blew into my life in the best way possible.

My life in 2008 in a nutshell- on the heels of a broken marriage – estranged children and grandchildren.  Overweight and living with undiagnosed Addison’s disease – working long hours – needing a change in my career – chronic stress was no stranger to me.

We met that year just as I started dating my now- precious husband. We began by decorating my condo and bringing calm and color into it in a way that spoke to me. As we labored together – we learned about each other and thus began a connection that grows stronger to this day.

Debby has taught me so many things and brought to my awareness my value, my uniqueness and my worth. She has challenged, me supported me, cried with me, laughed with me and danced with me. She attends every important event in my life – most recently officiating at our wedding. I truly know without her influence and constant presence in my life – my light would not be burning nearly as brightly nor would I feel nearly as loved.

Debby has so many gifts – but foremost inspiring others. As she authentically pursues her own best life on every level – she exemplifies all that any coach/mentor/trainer could be!

~ Mary Myers Garton | Basics and Beyond Tutoring with Mary