Stepping Up, A New Chapter for the Living Healthy Studio

14917175_570144996514829_1280685059938135_oOn Tuesday night, November 1st, I was touched to my core, which, by the way, is pleasantly sore, by the love that flowed at the Living Healthy Studio.

The evening spoke to my soul, surrounded by the most inspiring, real people I’ve ever known, a wonderful gathering, so much so I believe I must have glowed.

Thank you, Kathleen Brown and Kristen Beck, for planning this tremendously appreciated celebration for the Studio as it begins a new chapter in our lives, the life of our community, and way, way beyond. Huge Hugs and Heartfelt kisses to all who attended, and those who I know wanted to be there, and were, in spirit.
I have much work to do as my dream to build a special place of awakening, health, community, fitness and fun are ever expanding If I seem excited about the work, it’s because of all of you! Thank you, Everyone, from the bottom of my heart!

See you in the AM! 5:30, to be exact. Oh, and there’s a new workout time on Wednesday; 8:00 a.m. wOOt wOOt! Let’s do this!

Love, Debby