Memorializing A Proud Moment In Time

joseph-graduation-dayWe traveled to Great Lakes, Michigan to attend Joseph’s boot camp graduation from the United States Navy on Friday.  Our time together was brief, but it will remain one of the proudest moments of my life, I’m sure.  We raise our children to spread their wings and soar.  It is so bittersweet.

With official orders under arm, you boarded the plane, turned to us and waved, I noticed your smile.
Our time together these past two days was precious, heartwarming, amazing. Appreciation, maturity, respect, courage, compassion, determination and happiness were all so palpable. Dad and I are very, very proud of you, more than words can say.
Joseph, I truly did not think I could be more proud, but your parting words to me proved that feeling wrong. Expressing that you are proud of me, plainly put, blew my mind. Thank you.
You’ve inspired me to be a better me, my son, by your desire and ambition to be a better you.
As we both travel on our own paths, never forget, I love you unconditionally and carry you in my heart always. xo